A Diet Plan That Can Potentially Reduce the Risk of Dementia

How to treat Dementia

Age related cognitive diseases, like Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise lately; mostly because people are living longer, hence there is more time for the brain to atrophy. Unfortunately, there is no medicinal cure for dementia as of yet – although researchers are working hard at it and making some legitimate progress on it at that. While there is no cure as of yet, research has shown that age related cognitive diseases can be treated via the proper diet.

Treating Dementia via Your Diet

First things first, food cannot cure dementia on its own, but it can help to regulate it quite a bit. The best diet for regulating a person’s Alzheimer’s disease is the Mediterranean diet, one of the oldest diets in the world.

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The Mediterranean diet is pretty versatile. It primarily consists of fish, vegetables, and foods that are native to the Mediterranean. It is very similar to the Japanese diet in that it has been shown to improve the aging process and contribute to a person living longer.

The Mediterranean diet helps to fight dementia in a variety of ways. The biggest impact the diet has on dementia comes from its antioxidant content which itself come from the fruits and vegetables eaten in the Mediterranean. The antioxidants kill free radicals which can cause oxidative stress and harm the brain.

The fish consumed in the Mediterranean diet is also the best of omega-3 fatty acids. The omega-3s are some of the best nutrients for fighting off cognitive diseases. This is primarily due to the fact that omega-3s fight off inflammation and inflammation is considered to be the cause of the majority of chronic diseases.

The Mediterranean diet has also been shown to lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. Research has shown that lower levels of cholesterol may be linked to memory and cognitive problems.

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