How to Survive the Monsoon Season and Stay Healthy

If this isn’t your first monsoon season, then you’ve probably had to experience being sick during the rainy season at some point in your life. Don’t worry if that’s the case; this guide will give you some great tips for fighting back against the sickness this rainy season.

 Stay Protected

You’ve probably heard the folk wisdom, don’t walk in the rain or you’ll get a cold. That may not just be folk wisdom though. People soaked in the rain are more prone to getting colds. This is probably because getting wet lowers the temperature of the body and results in certain responses. Your body restricts blood flow to your extremities which then leaves those extremities vulnerable as they’re now perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. The easiest way to avoid this is to make sure you cover up.

Start Getting That Vitamin C

The monsoon season is a time where you’re going to be exposed to all kinds of bacteria and viruses. The first preventive action you should take is to strengthen your immune system. You can do this by simply incorporating more vitamin C into your diet. Eat fruits, bell peppers, mangoes, and various veggies. If you do get a cold while on a powerful vitamin C regimen, you can rest assured that the power of the cold will at least be lessened.

Take a shower

As previously mentioned, it’s important to keep your body temperature warm during monsoon season. That’s where taking a shower comes into play. If you’re caught in the rain (which you will be eventually), it is important to raise your body temperature as fast as possible. A hot shower also has the added benefit of helping to cleanse germs and stave off infections. If you absolutely hate showers, then settle with soaking your feet in warm water.

Drink warm drinks

Warm things are your friend during the monsoon season. You really can’t go wrong with warm drinks, as it’s one of the best ways to get your body temperature up. They have the added bonus of being soothing and delicious when you drink them warm from insulated water bottles

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