How Onions Help You In Summer

Believe it or not, there is a popular little bit of folklore out there that encourages people to carry onions around in their pocket. Another variation of the tale takes it a step further and has people cover their feet with onion juice. Oh yes, but you are only supposed to start using onions in this manner to help fight the heat in the summer. That’s right, there is some serious age old wisdom out there that encourages people to tote around onions as a means of keeping cool during the summer heat.

But, is there any basis for this idea? It is honestly a bit wild to think that simply touting around an onion all day can protect you from the deadly summer heat. The answer may not surprise you; onions do have the ability to help you beat the summer heat, but you may have to do a little bit more than just simply put an onion in your pocket. Read on to understand how keeping a few onions around during the summer can be beneficial.

Onions and the Heat

Eating raw onions provides your body with several health benefits. Onions contain a compound known as quercetin, which functions as a natural anti-histamine. Since histamine is what causes your skin to breakout in rashes due to insect bites and the heat, this characteristic already makes the onion a great summer aide. Eating raw onions also has a positive effect on your immune’s system ability to prevent the contraction of diseases. This is a rather important feature of onions since the summer is prime time for contracting diseases, especially those that are spread via insects. While, simply carrying an onion around is not likely to help you with the summer heat, making raw onion a regular part of your summer diet can definitely do so.

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