Home Remedies to Treat Common Cold in Toddlers

When your child is sick, you are inevitably sick, either from worrying yourself to ill health, or contracting your child’s sickness yourself. Due to the fragility of children, you may be concerned about over medicating your child. This worry is understandable, giving the right dose of medication to a toddler can be difficult because they cannot communicate what they are feeling to you. That is where home remedies come into play. It can be a lot easier and safer to treat your toddler’s cold by giving them some non drug based home remedies than any over the counter medication. Read on to see some of the best home remedies to prepare in order to treat your toddler’s sickness.

The Best Cold fighting Home Remedies For Your Toddler

Cough Remedies


Coughing is probably the most common side effect of a cold or flu. It is a necessary symptom of sickness because it helps you to clear mucus and irritants from your airways. Fully suppressing a cough can be harmful because it prevents this process. That being said, coughing can lead to the irritation of your toddler’s throat. Try soothing your child’s throat and providing some relief for their cough by using honey. Honey tastes good, isn’t toxic, and is high in antioxidants. It is also an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory which provides a lot of relief to cold symptoms as well as fighting the cold itself. Help your kid with honey after consulting with your child’s doctor.


Chicken soup is a great home remedy treatment for most aspects of a cold. The broth can absorb a lot of essential nutrients to bolster body and the immune system. It is also hot which acts as a vaporizer and helps to clear passageways. And chicken soup has anti-inflammatory properties which can provide relief to irritation you might be feeling.


Believe it or not, a popsicle can go a long way to treating some of your child’s symptoms. A frozen berry popsicle can help to soothe their throat and even manage a fever. You also won’t have to trick your toddler into eating it, like you would cherry flavored cough medicine.

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