Here’s What You Can Drink to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Regulating your blood glucose levels is extremely good for your health, especially if you are suffering from diabetes. Leaving this all to external insulin can be bad though. You should also try to regulate your blood sugar levels through your diet. Below are some simple drinks you can make and drink apart from sipping water from your trusted water bottle regularly.

Karela Juice

Karela juice is a fantastic natural tonic for diabetics. It has the ability to regulate blood glucose levels inside of the body. Drinking karela juice actually activates your insulin – it makes sure that the sugar inside your body is properly utilized and not converted into fat. This can be extremely beneficial when attempting to lose weight. Karela juice also possesses an active substance called charantin. Charantin is a blood sugar reduction agent. Try drinking a class of karela juice every morning.

Methi Water
Methi water is a popular tonic stemming from the Indian subcontinent. You can make the tonic by soaking fenugreek seeds in hot water. It has the potential to regulate Type-2 diabetes and reduce blood glucose levels in diabetics. Methi water also has the ability to slow down the digestion and soothe the digestive process thanks to its substantial fiber content. The fiber can also help regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and sugar. Essentially, it improves the way your body utilizes sugar.

Barley Water (Jau)
Barley water may not sound like the most appetizing drink out there, but it is high in in insoluble fiber, which makes it a top tier drink for diabetics. It helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. It is quite bitter, so make sure you don’t ruin the tonic’s health benefits by adding sugar to it.

Green Tea
Green tea has always been treated as a powerful health drink. It has a significant number of antioxidants that gives it all types of benefits, such as boosting your immune system, improving your sleep, and cleansing your skin. But green tea also has the ability to lower blood glucose level and help manage diabetes.

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