Here’s How Many Calories Your Favorite Drink Has

We all have our set of favorite drinks. You might be a soft or hard drink fan but did you ever try to know just how many calories your favorite drinks possess? It’s time to discover the joys of a healthy diet!

Alcoholic Drinks

For those of us who enjoy alcoholic drinks, regular beer has some 153 calories per serving of 356 ml. Vodka (30 ml), on the other hand, has some 69.3 while whiskey (42 ml) has nearly 124 calories. Prefer wines instead? Well, your favorite wine has nearly 100 calories per serving of 120 ml.

However, we love blending these drinks with our favorite juices and soft drinks which takes the equation to a whole new level. Regular cola packs in some 50.4 calories and 12.72 g sugar per serving of 120 ml while the same quantity of orange juice has some 62.4 calories and 15.6 g sugar.

How to Drink Responsibly

It’s a great idea to constantly munch on your favorite snacks while you enjoy your alcohol-based drink. Protein-rich foods are highly recommended. Consuming foods while drinking will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood.

We also recommend considering liver health while drinking— do not stretch beyond your liver’s capacity while drinking! Keep the pace right— your liver can digest only one standard drink in an hour.

Also, consider the state of your mental and physical health before drinking. If you are on medication, consult your doctor before consuming alcohol, for, many medications can have severe effects on your health when mixed with alcohol.

It’s also immensely important to stay hydrated when you drink. Drinking lots of water will also ensure the risk of a hangover is reduced. Needless to say, never drive after drinking. Drink responsibly and understand the health risks before you binge!

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