Erectile Dysfunction and How a Healthy Diet Can Help Reverse it!

Erectile dysfunction can happen for a variety of reasons. Your physical health, mental health, and diet can all play a role in causing erectile dysfunction. The occasional incident of erectile dysfunction is not necessarily cause for concern. But repeated cases may mean that you need to make some major exceptions to your lifestyle. You may be tempted to rely on one of the various erectile dysfunction medications out there, like Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis. These medications have been proven to be effective, but they can have unwanted symptoms that can affect your quality of life. Before trying different medications, which can have medical symptoms, it is recommended that you try a dietary change. Eating certain foods while avoiding certain other foods can have some positive impacts on persistent erectile dysfunction.

Foods to Avoid

Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and drugs can have a big impact on your ability to sustain an erection. It can worsen or even cause your erectile dysfunction. This is especially the case if you are suffering from an alcohol addiction. Alcohol is a natural depressant; it can decrease your sexual desire and dampen your mood. It also decreases blood flow to your penis which can make it hard to become erect or sustain an erection. Your first step in trying to treat erectile dysfunction should be to limit or cut out alcohol from your diet for a couple weeks to see if your condition improves.

Foods to Eat


Chocolate is one of the best things to combat erectile dysfunction. The flavonoids, antioxidant compounds, inside cocoa has the ability to improve blood flow, by improving your overall cardiovascular health. Focus on eating dark chocolate, which has the highest concentration of flavonoids.


These nuts make for more than a great snack. They have the ability to improve your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and elevate your mood which can have direct impacts on your erectile dysfunction.

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