Diabetic Health: What Can You Have for Breakfast?

For diabetics, especially type-2 diabetics, their health begins with their diet. What you eat directly affects your blood sugar level which affects how much insulin your body needs and subsequently the state of your diabetes. Keep on reading to learn the best breakfast foods to eat for your diabetic health.

The Breakfast Smoothie

There is a reason the breakfast smoothie has become so popular lately; it is basically an entire meal that can be prepared in less than a minute and can fit into a large glass. The breakfast smoothie is the perfect solution in this fast paced era, where we struggle to find time to sit down and eat a healthy meal. Make sure to include a plain nonfat yogurt, and your favorite berries. Add a teaspoon of nuts and wheat germ and you’ll have the ultimate breakfast to go. 

Muffin Parfait

This is a fun and easy take on a parfait. Consider it a type of breakfast fusion dish. All you need is to take a muffin high in fiber, cover it with berries, then top it off with a dollop of low or nonfat yogurt. It probably isn’t the parfait you’re used to, but the dietary fiber will definitely help your diabetes.

Whole Grain Cereal

Whole grain cereal is classic diabetic fare, mostly due to its high fiber content and rich nutrient profile. Try eating whole oats, whole wheat, whole grain breads, millet, etc. These are far healthier for you than the typical processed grains which have all of their nutrients refined out of them.

Scrambled Eggs and Toast

This is one of the most classic breakfast dishes of all time. In many ways, it is one of the beast breakfasts available. It’s extremely quick and easy to prepare, and it’s very healthy. Eggs are some of the best sources of protein available, and whole wheat toast has lots of dietary fiber which helps to keep your blood glucose level in check.

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