Here’s How to Use Ginseng Tea for Good Health

Herbal tea has been consumed for centuries and is known to help weight watchers stay fit and healthy. There are several different variants and you can prepare one that you like. It’s way healthier than drinks based on caffeine and sports drinks.

Experts vary in their opinions about Ginseng, the Chinese herb. While some believe it’s a powerful herb that helps maintain health, others have linked it with bladder cancer. More conclusive studies are needed to investigate the health benefits of the herb. It is always advisable for you to consult your medical practitioner over the uses of the herbal tea in your health regime.

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng tea does not make use of any tea leaves and is prepared from the roots of the Ginseng herb instead. The tea is a concoction of the roots with Jujube fruits and Korean chestnuts. The drink is prepared over low heat and uses honey as a sweetener. There are two main varieties of Ginseng: Asian, which is believed to be warmer in nature, and the American Ginseng, which is believed to be cooling and safer in the long term.

Health Benefits

It is believed that Ginseng tea can help keep body weight in control. It is known to suppress appetite. However, in addition to drinking Ginseng tea, you must also exercise regularly and indulge in enough physical activity.

Ginseng tea is believed to strengthen immunity and is said to be good for your skin too. Some people have even claimed improved cognitive abilities after the consumption of herbal tea. What’s more, it is believed to boost energy and restore hormonal balance. A serving of ginseng tea served warm in an insulated tumbler does sound healthy.

It is best to consult your doctor before incorporating ginseng tea into your diet and discuss its potential side effects and health benefits based on credible medical studies and research.

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