A Few Tip to Help Ease That Awful Bloated Feeling

Bloating feeling

Feeling bloated is one of the most annoying sensations that a person can experience on a regular basis. When your tummy is overflowing with gas, it is not only sometimes painful, it can also be embarrassing or unsightly at times (especially if you’re about to hit the beach). Like the majority of unwanted or bothersome bodily experiences, bloating is mostly the result of a person’s diet. You are what you eat after all.  

But it is important to understand that bloating is not the same as water retention even though both make a person feel stuffed or full. The difference between the two is that the former is caused by excessive amounts of solids, liquids, or gas building up inside the digestive system. The latter on the other hand is caused by retaining too much water, which is often noticed in the form of ‘water weight’. Bloating can also be caused by an increased sensititvy inside the abdomen.

Treating That Bloated Feeling

Although bloating is pretty common – about 16-30% of people experience bloating on a regular basis – it can be prevented for the most part by adjusting your diet and following some anti-bloating guidelines:

Don’t Stuff Yourself

Many people who suffer from bloating have a type of sensory issue in their stomach. Essentially, they feel fuller than they actually are. Eating smaller meals can help to manage this sensation.

Eliminate Food Allergies and Intolerances
Eating food that you are allergic or unable to tolerate can cause excess gas production which can lead to bloating and other related symptoms.

Avoid Swallowing air

There are 2 primary sources of air inside the gut. The first is as produced by the bacteria inside the gut and the second is swallowed while eating or drinking. This can contribute to bloating, especially carbonated beverages.

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