5 Natural Beauty Ingredients that you can Find in Your Kitchen

Every natural herbs, spice, fruit or vegetable are nature’s gifts to humanity to stay healthy. By diligently eating them, these food gives us strength, boost the immune system and also helps in watching the weight. These humble ingredients are more valuable than most people assume. They not only support in having a healthy lifestyle but also works wonders to have beautiful skin. They are not allergic and not as expensive as cosmetics. You will, however, dedicate a little time to take care of what you love the most – yourself!


This lovely little fruit not just adds flavor to the food but also helps the skin glow.  Tomatoes have a high content of Vitamin C and potassium. Due to its acidic nature, it helps in removing excess oil on the skin. You can take two fresh and firm tomato, cut it in half and rub on the skin. It closes the open pores and reduces blackheads too.


This is everyone’s favorite and it is another magical ingredient. Honey can be used for almost everything. Due to its natural antibacterial property it works on the skin like a charm. You can also combine honey with other ingredients such as turmeric or lemon juice.


Yogurt is not just a healthy snack but also quite beneficial for your skin. It has lactic acid, which is one of the common component found in expensive anti-aging skincare products. You can combine it with other natural ingredient and apply it to the skin. It is a perfectly natural and moisturizing face mask.

Coconut Oil

In India, coconut oil is used for hydrating the hair or cooking. This wonder nut is also helpful in hydrating the skin. You can use it as a makeup remover as well because it is delicate and doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. If you are concerned about the grease, you can also apply and leave it overnight.

Aloe Vera

There could be a few important ingredients that are not on this list. However, without aloe vera, this list will be incomplete. This amazing herbal plant contains numerous benefits for hair as well as skin. The pulp can be rubbed on the skin and even hair. It will make your skin glow, cure any allergies and also prevent hair fall.  It works better than cosmetics.

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