4 Natural Food Ingredients that can Help Prevent Diabetes


Diabetes is a health condition which needs immediate attention and care. It is the result of your body’s inability to properly regulate blood sugar or glucose levels. There are two types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, occurs in people who do not have the ability to produce insulin, the hormone created by the pancreas responsible for letting your body use the glucose found in food you consume and type 2 diabetics do not properly respond to the insulin they produce or do not produce enough of it.

The best way to combat diabetes and regulate it is through proper diet and exercise. A healthy body with a healthy diet will naturally reduce the effects of diabetes or even prevent people who are on the verge of developing it from obtaining it. There are lots of foods that are great for treating diabetes. Primarily these foods should be low in carbohydrates and natural glucose:


Apples have a high sugar content, so they may seem a counterintuitive choice at first. But apples contain some essential vitamins and nutrients that are natural diabetic preventatives. They contain the quercetin, a pigment found in plants that actually helps the body produce insulin more efficiently and reduce insulin resistance


Eating Greek yogurt, the yogurt without any added sugar can help you consume less glucose overall. Yogurt has a high protein content which helps your body feel satiated and reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Brown Rice

Eating brown rice helps your body to lower its glucose levels because it has a natural low glycemic index, unlike white rice. This is the perfect food for people who want to ward off diabetes but just can’t get away from rice for whatever reason.


Black coffee – remember no sugar – is great for preventing diabetes. Studies have shown that people who consume 1 ½ or more cups of coffee daily are 54% less likely to develop diabetes. Coffee can help reduce your appetite and help you avoid unnecessary sugary drinks thus preventing the onset of diabetes as well. Brew a cup of fresh coffee, pour it in an insulated tumbler and you are all set for a warm rejuvenating drink for the day!

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