3 Ingredients that Aid in Quick Weight Loss


There are a lot of weight loss secrets out on the market right now. The world is full of diet and exercise plans that are guaranteed to help you lose all the weight you need. But sticking to strict diets can be hard and will often result in a severe backlash once the diet is over. The key to successful and quick weight loss is not extreme dieting, it’s making a permanent shift to the way you eat. Instead of drinking sugar free lemon water every day, you just need to make sure that your diet is high in protein and low in glucose, carbs, and saturated fats. Fortunately, there are many foods that fit this profile and will help you meet your weight loss goals while still enjoying your meals:

Beans and Legumes

Beans are one of the best things you can eat in your quest to lose weight. They are an extremely tasty and versatile food ingredient that can be a part of practically any meal. They’re a natural source of protein that is also low in fat and they are also extremely filling which helps to prevent you from over eating.


Avocados have a special place in every one’s diet; mainly people love them and want to eat them all the time. This is a good thing, not only is it a delicious fruit that can turn into guacamole, spread on toast, or just be eaten plain, it’s also very healthy and a great weight loss tool. Avocadoes are high in monounsaturated oleic acid which is the same type of fat that is present in olive oil. They also are made up of a large amount of water and fiber making them less energy dense than they appear.

Brown Rice

It can be very hard to give up the carbohydrates when trying to focus on weight loss. Carbs just taste too good and they’re really filling. This is one of the reasons why rice dishes are so popular, the amount of energy and fulness you get for the price is just hard to deny. If you can’t put down the rice, then brown rice is a great substitute. While it is still a carbohydrate, brown rice is a whole grain that contains some protein and a significant amount of fiber. Fiber is a natural appetite suppressant which will help you eat less overall and reduce your portion sizes.  

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