3 Best Ways to Introduce Masoor Dal in Your Skin Care Routine


Eating masoor dal is one of the healthier food choices out there. It is packed with vital nutrients and minerals that benefit your body when you digest them. Those same nutrients and minerals can also benefit your skin directly without the need to eat them via a skin pack. If you grind up the dal into a powder, you can mix it with water and various other ingredients just about any time you want to treat your skin. The dal acts as a natural exfoliant that can cleanse your skin, as well as provide it with nourishment.

    1. Exfoliation Mask
      The simplest way to use masoor dal is to create a standard dal and milk pack. Mix any amount of masoor dal and milk into a bowl until it forms into a paste with a consistency to your liking. Scrub the mixture into your skin and let it sit until it dries. Wash it off after it dries using cold water, then moisturize your skin. This pack will help exfoliate your skin and remove dead cells, pollutants, and dry up any excess oils you might have. The mask also acts as a natural moisturizer. If you use this pack regularly, your skin will remain blemish free and maintain an even tone.
    1. Skin Tightening Mask
      If you want to add a skin tightening effect to the pack, then recreate the exfoliation mask, except this time add an egg white. Egg white has a natural astringent effect and will help to shrink your pores. It also possesses protein and aluminum in significant quantities which will tone your skin and provide anti-wrinkle effects.
  1. Moisturizing Skin Mask
    If your skin is feeling dry and could use some extra moisturizing, then you can increase the masoor dal pack’s moisturizing effect by adding honey with a few drops of vinegar and water to the mixture. You can also use lemon juice in place of vinegar.

Masoor dal is a handy ingredient that is available at all times in your kitchen and you can use it regularly as a part of your skin care routine.

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