Why it’s Never Too Late to Stay Away from Processed Foods

You probably know that you should give up processed foods, but you’re afraid to start on a diet devoid of processed foods because the damage is done. That’s not the case though. It is never too late to make the switch and submit to living a healthier lifestyle. Some of the benefits of giving up processed foods can be experienced by your body almost instantly:

Fatigue or Irritability

Processed food is addicting, and like with any addiction, giving it up will cause you some discomfort. You will experience withdrawal symptoms, which can lead to moodiness, and fatigue. Fortunately, these symptoms are normally the first to disappear as all of the compounds associated with processed foods are removed from your system.

Foods Will Begin to Taste too Sweet or too Salty

One of the best things about giving up processed foods is your palette gets to readjust to normal. Right now, most people overload on salt and sugar, which warps your taste buds. Once you eliminate the excess sugar and sodium from your diet, your original taste buds will begin to regenerate, and you will find that whole foods are a whole lot sweeter.

Your GI Tract Will Need to Readjust

Your stomach will also have to make an adjustment after giving up processed foods. This is mostly because, dietary fiber is one of the things that is removed during processing. Once you give up processed foods and reintroduce dietary fiber into your diet, you will feel it. Your body will have some gastrointestinal discomfort, such as bloating or loose stools while your GI tract adjusts to the excess dietary fiber.

You Will Most Likely Lose Weight

Processed foods are essentially empty calories, meaning they have caloric value but little to no nutritional value. Once you remove the empty fats and sugars and trade them for whole foods, you should begin to notice a reduction in your waistline.

You Will Feel More Focused and More Energized

One of the most immediate benefits of giving up processed foods is that you will feel more focused, energized, and be in a better mood.

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