Top Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During Festivals


Festivals can be some of the best times for people; families and friends get to enjoy each other in a fun atmosphere. There are plenty of activities to do – everything from concerts to games. But the real star of festivals is the FOOD! Festivals are always full of all kinds of goodies: rare desserts that you will only find at festivals, barbeque meats galore, strange creations from obscure chefs, etc. Unfortunately, rarely any of this food is actually healthy for you to consume. That’s actually why festivals are probably held only once or twice a year; that way we don’t gorge ourselves on festival food year around.

We know it can be difficult to say no to your favorite festive dishes, so this article won’t even go there. No one is going to say no, don’t eat the mango Sandesh. Instead of trying to resist your cravings and have less fun during your favorite festival, you should prepare yourself to naturally eat less. Here’s how:

Eat Beforehand

Going to a festival is like grocery shopping in a way; you never want to go already hungry. Don’t starve yourself all day with the intention of goring on your favorite foods once you get to the party. But don’t stuff yourself beforehand either. Simply, make sure you’ve eaten a meal a couple hours before you go. That way you will naturally eat less once you arrive at the festival.

Stay Hydrated

If you’re dehydrated, it can be difficult for your body to understand if you’re actually hungry or thirsty. You may start wolfing down snacks thinking you’re hungry and over eat as a result. Being dehydrated also leads to some pretty bad digestive issues like constipation. So, do yourself a favor and avoid these troubles.

Eat Protein and Fiber

You want to make sure to eat foods high in protein and fiber like beans, legumes, and nuts. These will keep you satiated longer and help you digest your food properly. They are also great sources of energy that is metabolized slower than carbs. They will help you be able to be active during the festival without feeling tired and sleepy.

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