Top 5 Foods to Get Rid of a Runny Nose


Top 5 Foods to Get Rid of a Runny Nose

Having a runny nose can be one of the most annoying conditions to deal with. It is one condition that can make your day miserable. Thankfully you can easily address this issue by consuming a few foods that are easily available at all times in your kitchen-

Green Tea

Tea is a time-honored treatment for sickness and the symptoms of cold, especially a runny nose. Green tea is especially good for addressing a runny nose. This is primarily due to the large concentration of flavonoids present in green tea. The flavonoids possess anti-inflammatory properties and have the potential to boost the immune system which will attack the source of your runny nose. Green tea sipped warm from an insulated tumbler also helps in soothing your throat!


Oranges are rich in vitamin C are perfect to boost your immune system. Often times a runny nose is caused by cold and flu, so the stronger your immune system, the less you’ll have to deal with a runny nose.


Eating local honey can help your body adjust to the allergens present in pollen in theory. There are no conclusive studies concerning this, but this is a long-used allergy treatment. The idea is that the honey will act like an allergy shot and expose your body to irritants allowing it to build up an immunity. It also pairs well with tea. Also, honey has healing and decreases the inflammation in your throat as well easing the pain.


The capsaicin content present in peppers can do wonders for your runny nose. Capsaicin has natural anti-inflammatory properties which will clear and dilate your nasal passageways. If your nose is slowly running due to being congested, a bit of spicy food can help you get it all out quickly.


Garlic has natural antibacterial properties that will help to remove the bacteria that is causing you to be sick. This is a great treatment for a runny nose and other cold or flu symptoms, especially because you can easily add it to a variety of meals.

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