Summer Drinks that Help in Digestion

Summer is the time of big eating. There are festivals, barbecues, and feasts to attend just about every day of the week. But with big eating comes big digestive issues. That’s where the concept of the digestif comes into play. A digestif is a drink that is typically infused with herbs, spices, and bitters, and is meant to improve digestion. Red on to learn about the best digestifs to try this summer. 

Rye, Soda, and Lemon

This is a great digestif for those who aren’t familiar with digestifs. Consider it to be the best place for amateurs to start. The ingredients are very simple; all you really need are 2 oz of rye, club soda, and a slice of squeezed lemon. Pour everything over some large ice cubes and you have yourself a wonderful digestif cocktail. The rye brings a spiciness to it to wake you up out of any food comas you make you want to keep sipping.

Fresh, Spearmint Tea

Spearmint tea is an age old classic that is popular in the Mediterranean and Northern African regions. It is extremely simple to make. All you need to do is boil some water and steep freshly muddled spearmint in it for a few minutes. Let the drink cool, pour it over some ice, and you will have a wonderful digestif that can ease just about any stomach pain.

Ginger Beer and Lime Juice

Ginger beer is a favorite cocktail mixer, but it doesn’t need alcohol to be a good digestif. Ginger and lime are both great components for easing stomach pain and improving digestion. When they combine forces, they are just about unstoppable cures for any stomach ailment.

Hibiscus Tea

Now, hibiscus tea might just be the perfect summer digestif; it is basically the perfect embodiment of summer. Hibiscus tea has floral notes and combines well with other summer flavors like honey and lemon juice. Most importantly, you can sip on it all day in the summer and not have a cause for complaint.

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