Simple Things You Can Do to Improve Appetite

There are many reasons a person may experience a loss of appetite: mental illness, physical illness, stress, anxiety, etc. It is normal to experience a reduction in appetite from time to time, but an extended loss of appetite can result in weight loss or in the worst case scenario, extreme malnutrition. If you find your loss of appetite is becoming a problem and effecting your health, you can take actions to improve your appetite:

  1. Eat Small Frequent Meals
    Sometimes eating 3 full meals a day can be a challenge, especially when your appetite is diminishing. Try breaking your three large meals into five or six smaller meals. Make them tapas size at first, and slowly increase their size as your appetite recovers.
  2. Eat Nutrient Dense Foods
    When you have a bad appetite, you’re more prone to snacking. The problem is people tend to snack on foods that contain empty calories like chips or candy. It’s fine to eat these foods every once in a while, but overindulging on them will make you put on needless weight and put your body in a position where it’s lacking nutrients. Picking nutrient dense foods like nuts or Greek yogurt will make the little bit of food you eat worth it.
  3. Add More Calories to Your Meals
    Adding more calories to your meals is a simple way to increase your appetite and make sure you’re eating enough food. You can easily achieve this by cooking your food with calorie dense ingredients such as, butter, olive oil, nut butters, and whole milk.
  4. Make Eating A Social Situation
    One way to guarantee that you eat is to involve other people. Try cooking and eating your meals in the company of others. Turning meal times into a social activity will take your mind off the food and may make eating it less challenging.

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