Say No to Energy Drinks.

The quest for the perfect ‘pick me up’ drink is never ending. The problem is finding a pick me up that doesn’t have a bunch of negative health benefits attached to it. While, the answer is hotly debated, we know that energy drinks are something that should absolutely be avoided. Read on to learn some of the worst effects of drinking energy drinks.

The Dangers of Drinking Energy Drinks

  1. Heart Attacks
    If you have a weak heart or some type of underlying heart condition, you should absolutely stay away from energy drinks and caffeine in general. People with risky hearts have been known to experience heart problems after drinking only a few energy drinks.
  2. Headaches and Migraines
    Energy drinks can also cause severe migraines and headaches, mostly due the caffeine withdrawal. Energy drinks intensify this experience more than a simple cup of coffee because they tend to have a higher caffeine content.
  3. Increased Anxiety
    Excessive caffeine intake from energy drinks can also result in increased anxiety. Extremely high does can even cause full on panic attacks that you will have to suffer through as the caffeine withdraws from your system.
  4. Insomnia
    Energy drinks are designed to keep you awake, but sometimes they keep you awake too well. When you don’t get enough sleep, your entire body is affected. Even doing simple tasks can become dangerous and more difficult. Sometimes, bodily tasks become more difficult as well.
  5. Interferes with Other Medicines
    Energy drinks don’t just contain caffeine; they have a wide variety of ingredients, some of which can actually interfere with your other medications if you’re not careful. This is especially the case for anti-depressants or medications that affect your mood.
  6. Dehydration
    Energy drinks can be addicting if you’re not careful. If you begin replacing other more hydrating drinks with energy drinks you can end up severely dehydrated which can lead to some pretty negative health consequences, like diarrhea, vomiting, fainting, etc.

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