Red Meat and Health Risks

Steak is delicious, there is no doubt about that. But red meat is one of those foods that is consistently mired in controversy in the world of nutrition. Although humans have been eating red meat in some type of form for thousands of years, researchers continue to analyze it and find reasons that may deem it to be unhealthy.  Below is some of the evidence concerning how healthy red meat is, so that you can determine its health quality for yourself.

Meat Isn’t Made Like Back in The Day

There are some cultures who have a very high red meat diet and seem to suffer very few health issues as a result. But the meat we used to eat in the past was much different than it is today. It was all organic, grass fed, and free roaming; there was no such thing as an industrial meat complex way back then. Today’s meat has added hormones, antibiotics, and is not even guaranteed to be grass fed. In short, it is highly processed and has the ability to affect your body’s chemistry.

Chronic Diseases

Red meat has long been associated with chronic diseases. The worst ones are heart disease and diabetes. Observational studies done on red meat have shown that it increases your risk of obtaining heart disease and diabetes, but the majority of these studies are done on processed red emat. But even unprocessed, fully organic red meat will cause health problems if you over indulge, as it will eventually clog your arteries and cause stroke or heart attack.

Red Meat and Cancer

Various studies have shown that red meat consumption is linked to cancer. The main type of cancer associated with red meat is colorectal cancer. But once again, most of these studies do not differentiate between processed meat and unprocessed meat.

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