Natural Remedies for Under-Eye Puffiness

Remedies for Under-Eye Puffiness

Puffiness under the eyes is witnessed in the form of bag-like structures beneath. These are rarely a problem and do not need any treatment. However, if you think this might be linked to an allergy or experience additional symptoms, remember to consult your doctor. There are a number of surgical treatments available to attend to under-eye puffiness. Let us see some home remedies to remove the bags under the eyes easily.

Home remedies for under-eye puffiness

  • Reduce the intake of fluids before you sleep and cut down on the salt you consume. This will help reduce the retention of fluid which can lead to the development of the bag-like structures under the eyes.
  • Cool compress: You can also utilize a properly prepared cold compress. Take a clean cloth and dip it in moderately cold water. Sit upright and apply the cool cloth to the affected area for some time. Keep the pressure mild and do not press the skin. 
  • Abstain from smoking. Not only do smokers inhale hundreds of toxic chemicals, but they also experience the problem of under-eye puffiness to a greater extent. 
  • You should also ensure that your sleep patterns are right. Get at least seven to nine hours of sleep every day. 
  • You should also pay attention to your sleep posture. While sleeping, take care that your head is very slightly elevated. This will protect fluid from accumulating in the region of the skin around the eyes when sleeping. 
  • If your puffiness is linked to an allergy, speak with your doctor and avoid exposure to the allergens as far as possible. 
  • We recommend slicing a raw potato which has been refrigerated for a few minutes. Slice it into two halves and place these on your eyes so that the affected areas with the puffiness are also covered.  Allow the slices to rest on the eyes for some 15-20 minutes. You will immediately see that the puffiness has been reduced.

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