Lemon Vs. Lime

Lemons vs Limes – which one is better? It’s an age old question (for some people) that has the ability to be debated to the end of time. They are both acidic citrus fruits that are heavily utilized in cooking and food preparation, and are prized for their health benefits. This article will explore lemons and limes in detail in an attempt to determine if one is actually better, or if the differences are negligible.

What they have in common

Let’s start by figuring out what the two fruits have in common. They are both small acidic fruits that tend to have an ovular shape. They are both utilized in cooking and as part of healthy and beauty regimens. For many people, just about every time you can use a lemon, you can choose to use a lime. They are similar enough, that they are often used in combination with one another like in the case of some Lemon-Lime sodas.

They also have many of the same health benefits. They are both fantastic sources of vitamin C which possesses amazing antioxidant properties that help to bolster your immune system. The vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, which is why both fruits are used in skin mask treatments. And finally, they have many of the same vitamins and minerals, including iron, dietary fiber, potassium, and b complex vitamins.

How they differ from one another

The biggest differences between lemon and limes is actually how they taste. While they are both citric fruits, they are slightly different than one another taste wise. Lemons tend to be naturally sweeter than limes which have a noticeable underlying bitterness to them. This tends to determine which dishes they are used in when cooking. Ultimately, the biggest difference between lemons and limes is your personal taste.

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