How Organic Strawberries and Other Fruits Help Prevent Cancer

Strawberries, the red heart shaped fruit, are one of the best berries out there, both in terms of taste and health benefits. They are members of the rose family and have a distinctive aroma that makes you absolutely want to eat them. You can find strawberries just about anywhere in the world, as they’re native to many different regions. Not only are they grown all around the world, but they are eaten in many different forms. This fruit’s versatility practically has no limit.

You can eat it raw, turn it into a jam or jelly, cook them, mix them into a salad, etc. And strawberries don’t just taste great, they are also extremely healthy for you and have lots of health benefits that make it a powerhouse fruit. Specifically, eating organic strawberries can help prevent the development of cancer. It does this in two ways: 1) Strawberries have many antioxidants that helps your body fight cancer. 2) Organic fruits avoid pesticides that can cause cancer. Read below to find out how this works.

Nutrition of Organic vs. Non-Organic Foods

Nutritionally speaking, there isn’t much different between organic foods and non-organic foods. An organic strawberry will give you the same vitamins and minerals as a non-organic strawberry. The big difference between organic and non-organic foods are the pesticides and added chemicals used in the cultivation process.

How Harmful Are Pesticides? 

Certain pesticides are proven to be harmful to your health. They can result in cancer and infant developmental issues. Not all pesticides have been proven to be harmful to humans, but it can be difficult to guarantee which pesticides are used to grow your food. That information is rarely included on the ingredient labels of food. Eating organic foods is a way to avoid that problem entirely.

Antioxidants Prevent Cancer

The flavonoids found in strawberries and other fruit are actually antioxidants. Antioxidants help to fight and destroy free radicals which can cause cancer and prevent tumor growth.

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