How Mangosteen Helps Strengthen Muscles.

A recent study has emerged that heavily suggests consuming mangosteen and Indian bay leaf can serve to enhance and strengthen your muscles. The study held both animal and clinical trials and tested the effect of the fruit on muscle strength and endurance.

Mangosteen is a fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. It is sweet, tangy, and juicy, and has the shape of a pear, and a purple rind. The rind has been utilized for its medicinal properties for some time now. It contains polyphenols, like tannin and xanthones which bolster the body’s systems, such as the cardiovascular system, immune system, skin, and digestive systems.

Indian bay leaf is an olive green leaf sporting three noticeable veins down its length. It smells and tastes like a combination of cloves, cassia, and cinnamon. It also has a few medicinal benefits, including promoting digestive health, hearth health, lowering blood sugar levels, and boosting the immune system.

Previous studies found a connection between the nitrate content of Indian bay leaf and mangosteen and increased nitric oxide synthesis inside the body. This connection led to increased physical performance and tolerance to exercise.

The new studies tested this by feeding doses of mangosteen and Indian bay leaf extract to people and mice, then testing their performance during exercise. At the end of the study, participants showed noticeable muscle growth, increased muscle strength, and endurance in resistance training. Participants who received the supplement versus the placebo were able to do more repetitions and showed an increase in muscle girth.

This study tested the use of mangosteen and Indian bay leaf extract, not how actually incorporating the whole foods themselves into your diet would affect your muscles overall. That isn’t to say it would have an effect, just that there is still need for further research.

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