How a Vegetable Based Diet Can Slow the Aging Process

Vegetable based diet

Everyone ages, just some of us age a little bit better than others. Ageing is a natural process, but the process is affected at the level of our DNA. Every person has 46 strands of DNA in every cell. The strands are coiled into chromosomes with a cap at the end of them known as telomere. These telomeres actually shorten in length as we age. At the point that the telomeres completely expire, it will result in guaranteed death. Slowing down the aging process is closely associated with slowing down the rate of telomere degradation.

An effective way of slowing down or reversing the telomere degradation process is to include lots of vegetables in your diet. A plant based, whole food diet is the best dietary option for staving off aging due to its many benefits:

  1. Prevents the effect of aging in the eyes
    Dark leafy green veggies and various other vegetables are amazing sources of vitamin A, a nutrient responsible for maintaining the clarity of our sight and the health of our eyes. The antioxidants inside these vegetables also work to prevent the development of cataracts.
  2. Prevents aging from affecting cardiovascular health
    Most people only think of aging in terms of their appearance. But you absolutely do not want your cardiovascular system to be affected by age. A veggie diet will help to regulate cholesterol levels, protect your body from osteoarthritis, and reduce the risk of cancer.
  3. Prevents muscle loss related to age
    Age related muscle loss normally occurs as we age past 50. The process is exacerbated when a person’s diet consists of animal-based foods, and high caloric intake. A plant-based diet keeps the muscle structure as youthful as possible.

To sum it up, a plant-based or vegetable diet can actually slow down aging apart from bringing in many health benefits.

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