Here’s How You Can Lower Cholesterol Levels with Soy Protein

It is never too late to start looking after your cholesterol levels. Your cholesterol is not the biggest health issue out there. You won’t be hospitalized just because your cholesterol is high for a little bit. But having high cholesterol for an extended period of time will have negative consequences on your health. It can lead to the development of heart disease, atherosclerosis in blood vessels, stroke, left sided chest pain, dizziness, slurred speech, pain in the lower legs, and pressure or dizziness in the head. It is safe to say, that you want to avoid high cholesterol if you can.

That’s where soy protein comes into play. You may not know this, but regularly eating soy protein can actually help you to maintain and regulate your cholesterol levels. It even helps you lower your “bad” LDL cholesterol which raises your “good” HDL cholesterol levels.

A recent study in the Journal of Nutrition examined the effects of soy protein to lower cholesterol by comparing the effects of soy protein according to 43 different trials. Researchers discovered that soy protein reduced LDL cholesterol by 3-4 percent. This is a rather small amount, but it can be considered significant as just 304% less LDL cholesterol can make a major difference in your body’s overall health.

If you are experiencing very high LDL cholesterol levels, it is suggested that you take more action than simply eating soy proteins. You want to also avoid eating foods that raise your LDL cholesterol levels like red meat, organ meats, fatty fish, shellfish, eggs, etc. There is no one method for completely fixing your cholesterol level. Ultimately, lowering your LDL cholesterol is a lifestyle choice. You have to completely adjust your diet and lifestyle to significantly lower your cholesterol levels.

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