Here’s how to keep your baby comfortable at night in summers

Parents often dress their infant in one additional layer of clothing than themselves. However, what about the harsh summers when the sun relentlessly pours down heat? How should you then dress your baby to ensure it sleeps peacefully through the night? The rising temperature can make it difficult for babies to sleep well so here are some fantastic tips to help you make your baby comfortable at night during the summers. 

Caring for your baby at night during summers

  • It is important to ensure that the room your baby will be sleeping in is at a comfortable temperature. This doesn’t mean it should be super cool! Check to see the temperature at which your baby feels comfortable. You might use a fan or an air conditioner but take care there’s no air blowing directly towards the baby. 
  • Regularly check your baby to ensure it is sleeping well. Look out for obvious signs such as crying or if it is being fussy. Check for skin rashes as well. Place a hand behind the baby’s neck to see if it is damp and warm. If it is, adjust your room cooling or remove a clothing layer.
  • Never be tempted to give your baby water if it is younger than six months even if you see it sweating! Breastfeed it to rehydrate the body.
  • You can give your baby a bath in water that is at moderate temperature (and not cold or hot). This will ensure it sleeps peacefully at night. 
  • Keep the curtains closed so that the room remains cool and dark. Excessive sunlight will make the room warmer. 
  • Breathable crib mattresses are perfect for your baby since they will ensure proper ventilation and airflow resulting in peaceful sleep. 
  • Never leave an infant in a parked car as temperatures inside can rise to alarmingly high levels which can be quickly fatal. 

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