Healthy Choices: Know How Much Fat and Sugar is Good for Your Body

cheese and chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate are among the few ingredients that you cannot live without. Cheese is one of the main ingredients in dishes like sandwiches, pasta, etc. while chocolate is easily the favorite of kids and adults alike. Most processed foods like chips, chocolates, cereals, cookies, pastries, fried food contains both high fat and sugar content, which are very harmful for your health. When eaten in moderation coupled with an active lifestyle, this is not a problem.

Information on fat consumption:

  • Low-fat means: 3g or less per 100g
  • High-fat means: 17.5g or more per 100g
  • Low saturated fat means: 1.5g or less per 100g
  • High saturated fat means: 5g or more per 100g

Information on sugar consumption:

  • Low sugar means: 5g or less per 100g
  • High sugar means: 22.5g or more per 100g

Reasons to avoid fat and Sugar:

  • Having too much fatty food and sugar can cause weight gain.
  • Fatty food and sugar can lead to depression
  • It can cause mild to severe acne, skin-related issues.
  • It will increase the risk of cardiovascular and liver diseases.
  • It will increase the risk of diabetes.
  • It may even increase the risk of cancer.

Solutions to stay healthy and eat right:

The maximum sugar consumption your body can accept is six teaspoons, which includes total daily value. You can include different and natural food in your diet, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, rice, lean meat, eggs, beans, milk, etc. Fruits contain natural sugar. The best way to avoid sugar is to opt for cold-pressed juice, unsweetened food items, and stop or reduce the intake of packaged food that contains added sugar.

 Always read the ingredients and nutritional information before buying a food product. Prefer eating low-fat food like fish, avocado, nuts, seeds more. A human body needs between 44 gms to 77 gms of fat per day if you eat 2000 calories. This category of food has unsaturated fats. Avoid too much butter, pastry, fatty meats, cakes as they contain saturated fats and causes health risks. Instead of fried food choose baked food. Your physical health is always linked with your mental health. Hence, always watch what you eat without counting calories.

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