Foods to Relieve Migraine


Most of us usually suffer from headaches. Migraines last longer than usual headaches and have more physical effects than normal headaches. Research has shown that certain changes in the diet are helpful in decreasing the likelihood of developing a migraine. Dietary changes are also known to reduce the frequency of migraines.

Let us explore the difference between a common headache and migraine. During a migraine, the intensity of the pain is greater and is usually accompanied by other symptoms. Migraine occurs usually on one side of the head and is associated with light sensitivity or nausea.

Migraine causes inflammatory changes in the nerve cells that cause pain.

Foods that are good for relieving migraine

If you limit the intake of foods that trigger migraines, this will be the best remedy.

  • Do not consume foods that have artificial flavoring or preservatives added to them.
  • Research has also shown that adopting a vegan diet helped people who suffered from migraines.
  • Studies have also shown that consuming a plant-based diet helps the occurrence of migraines. Green vegetables, sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrot should be consumed to ward off a migraine.
  • Dried and cooked fruits such as cherries and cranberries can be consumed.
  • Natural sweeteners and flavors such as maple syrup, vanilla extract, and rice, especially brown rice are great.
  • It is best to avoid food that is processed and smoked.
  • The intake of vitamin B-2 helps to decrease the frequency of migraines. Vitamin B-2 is found in red meat and salmon. It is also found in mushrooms and grains.

What triggers a migraine

  • Foods that have a lot of sodium or artificial sweeteners cause migraines.
  • Other migraine triggers are stress, changes in the weather, changes in sleeping habits, and alcohol consumption.
  • Certain foods that are known to trigger migraines are eggs, onions, tomatoes, dairy products, citrus fruits, alcohol, especially red wine, and chocolate.

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