Eye Care During Summers: Everything You Need to Know

Summers are here and how! With each passing day, you inevitably realize how Indian summers are getting hotter year after year. This is no good news for your delicate eyes which might present problems thanks to the excessive summer heat. Dryness and dark circles are two very common problems associated with the summers. Allergies are also on the rise at this time of the year. 

While you should most definitely rush to the doctor should you notice any eye health issues, there are some simple remedies to try which will bring relief during the summers, keeping your eyes healthy and fresh. However, there are several different opinions concerning the right ways to exercise these remedies and we highly recommend consulting your doctor before you try them. 

Eye care during summers 

  • Cold water is an elixir, especially during summers. You can soak some cotton pads in cold water and place them on the eyelids to bring relief from the heat and to relax the blood vessels. 
  • It is a great idea freezing aloe vera juice and placing the frozen aloe cubes on the eyelids. This will bring back that beautiful sparkle to dull eyes! 
  • Potato has compounds that are known to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes which are very common problems associated with summers. In a fine cloth, wrap some fresh pulp from a grated raw potato and place the cloth over the eyes. 
  • You can also cover your (closed) eyes with potato peels for some 15 minutes for similar effects. What’s more, this remedy is believed to fight those ugly wrinkles too! 
  • Rose water is nature’s gift which comes in handy during the scorching summers. For relief and good eye health, you can reach out for some cotton pad soaked in rose water and place it over the eyes. Rose water is believed to have powerful cooling properties. 

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