An Egg a Day may Keep Diabetes Away Says Study – Here’s What You Need to Know

egg a day

Eggs have been considered bad for diabetics for a long time due to their high cholesterol content. Recent research is showing that may not be the actual case, however. Eggs apparently have a positive effect on the blood metabolite profile that is connected to a lower risk of obtaining Type-2 diabetes. All you have to do is eat an egg a day, and you might just do yourself the favor of preventing diabetes according to this new study.

The study set out to explore possible compounds that could shine light on the association between eggs and diabetes by utilizing non-targeted metabolomics. The technique allows for a broad sample of chemicals to be profiled at one time. The reason eggs were chosen for this study is because they have long been treated as a controversial food item, mostly due to their cholesterol content. But eggs also have a large number of bioactive compounds that have positive effects on your health. This makes eggs a bit of a contradictory food, and worth exploring.

The study which was published in the Molecular Nutrition and Food Research Journal, 239 serum samples were assessed in four separate groups. The study was not entirely conclusive, but it suggested that there was true credibility to the idea that there can actually be an inverse association between eating eggs and lowering your risk of obtaining Type 2 diabetes.

Further studies are needed to make more conclusive claims. But in the interim you shouldn’t overdue it and eat too many eggs. Make sure to maintain a balanced diet, but do not be afraid of eating eggs. They have many health benefits to them that we know to be true without a doubt.

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