Diets That Help You Sail Through Menopause Without Much Hassle


Menopause is a part of life – it just cannot be avoided. Unfortunately, it is typically a trying time in the lives of most women. Hormonal changes bring a whole host of symptoms and bodily ailments that can make your life miserable, or at the very least make day to day activities a hassle. Everything from mood swings, to hot flashes, to cramps. It can also lead to some long-term health problems if not managed properly. Thankfully, you can adjust your diet to include some foods that will help you deal with menopause.


As in most things to do with your body and health, water is the best place to start. If you are not properly hydrated, everything else you do to counteract the symptoms of menopause will be relatively in vain. Menopause causes vaginal dryness and dry skin due to the decrease in estrogen production. Drinking standard 8 glasses of water a day will help counteract these problems like bloating that occurs during hormonal changes.


Losing estrogen production is hard. It can lead to bone loss and subsequent conditions that occur from it. That is why you should make sure to include foods that are high in calcium like milk, yogurt, and bananas.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy vegetables are fantastic sources of vitamin D which is another factor that helps to prevent the bone loss that can occur during menopause. This is especially important for people who live in non-sunny climes or are having to deal with menopause during a winter season.

Fruits and vegetables

A very common complaint for women dealing with menopause is the unintended weight gain that can occur. This is majorly due to your metabolism slowing down thanks to hormonal changes, as well as an increase in a sedentary lifestyle that typically occurs later in life. Fruits and vegetables can keep your metabolism functioning at a high level thanks to their antioxidants. It also helps to minimize your caloric intake so your metabolism doesn’t have to work as hard.

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