Culprit Foods that Speed up Aging

There are some foods which can be called aging culprits. When protein or fat combines with sugar, these products are the result!

Culprit foods and what you need to know

  • French fries are salty and fried. Frying in hot oil causes the release of radicals which cause damage to the skin. They accelerate the aging process. French fries can be swapped for baked potatoes or sweet potato fries. Sweet potatoes help in slowing down the aging process. 
  • Sugar is a major culprit that accelerates skin aging. This process is even more stimulated when there’s an involvement of sunlight so beware of eating ice cream on the beach. Sugar can be substituted with honey or fruits. 
  • White bread is also known to speed up the aging process. You can instead opt for sprouted wheat bread. The sprouted bread contains antioxidants that are very beneficial for the skin. 
  • Processed meat is known to stimulate the aging process. Instead, you should opt for eggs or beans. You can opt for lean meats like chicken and turkey. 
  • Soda and coffee are very rich in caffeine and affect sleep. Poor sleep increases the aging process. You can opt for golden milk instead of coffee. Turmeric is the main ingredient in golden milk and contains powerful anti-aging compounds. 
  • Alcohol causes puffiness and wrinkles. It dehydrates the skin. You can instead choose a mocktail made up of fruits instead of alcohol.
  • Rice cakes promote aging because they have a high glycemic index. You can opt for chickpeas pancake instead of rice cakes. Chickpeas contain antioxidants. 
  • Also, skin aging is accelerated due to overexposure to the sun. For this, you should minimize your exposure to the sun and use sunscreen. 
  • It is not possible to avoid the consumption of culprit foods but we can certainly limit their consumption. 

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