Benefits of Drinking Almond Milk in Winter


Winter can be a trying time for your health. It is a season that naturally leads to a more sedentary lifestyle. The days are shorter, people tend to avoid the weather and stay inside more often, and a lot of fresh food is out of season. People tend to have to rely on their winter stores, dry, and processed foods instead of fresh fruit and vegetables. All of this can lead to weight gain. Besides your weight, your health is at risk. Winter has a way of putting your immune system to the test. Cold and flu spreads faster in winter because people tend to be in close quarters longer. You probably reach out for warm beverages in your insulated tumbler more often in winter!

With all these factors at play, it is important to make sure you take some precautions with your diet to ensure you maintain your optimal health. That’s where almond milk comes into play. This wonderful substance is your secret weapon to surviving the winter. Almond milk has a lot of nutrients and minerals that make it a part of a balanced diet. It has protein, fiber, lipids, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, and thiamine just to name a few. It is also low in fat, so you can drink a significant amount of it and not gain weight.

One of the best aspects of almond milk is that all the nutrients and minerals inside it has a direct impact on your immune system. So, you will be able to fight off cold and flus during the harsh winter days. If you want to really boost the effects of almond milk, you should add it to other ingredients to make a true cold busting brew. Mix almond milk with turmeric powder and heat it up on the stove to help stave off sickness.

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