Arthritis Can be Painful: Natural Foods that can Help Ease Pain


Arthritis is one of the most debilitating chronic medical conditions that can affect the human body. It is an umbrella term for diseases that cause swelling, pain, and stiffness in the body’s joints. Although it typically strikes people later in life, it can affect all genders, ages, and ethnicities. No one is particularly safe from developing arthritis. It is the natural occurrence of overworking joints.

There are various types of arthritis:

Osteoarthritis: Arthritis that develops in the joints as a result of overuse.

Rheumatoid: Arthritis that is the result of an autoimmune disease which tricks your immune system into actually attacking your joints.

Below, are some of the best foods you can eat to combat the pain that results from arthritis. Some of them can even be used to treat arthritis.

Fatty Fish

Fatty fish like mackerel, trout, salmon, and tuna are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. The best way to combat arthritic pain is to eat things with ant-inflammatory effects as inflammation is the primary source of arthritic pain. 17 studies have found evidences suggesting that ingesting omega-3 fatty acids helped to decrease joint pain, morning stiffness, and the overall number of painful joints.


Garlic is more than just that pungent herb that makes your breath smell nice. It has many health benefits: it can reduce your risk of obtaining cancer, decrease your risk of heart disease, and decrease your risk of dementia. But garlic also has pretty potent anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in decreasing the symptoms of arthritis. It doesn’t just combat inflammation caused by arthritis, but it also has the ability to actually block some of the inflammatory markers connected to arthritis.


Ginger is one of the best natural inflammatory foods you can use. Ginger functions a lot like garlic in that it has the ability to reduce inflammation markers associated with arthritis. It can also help to improve the functionality of some of your joints and reduce the debilitating effects of arthritis.

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