All You Need to Know About Dates and How to Eat Them!

Dates – what are they?
Dates, are fruits that grow on date palm trees. They are thought to have originated in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, but no one knows for sure where they come from exactly. Suffice it to say, they make up a substantial part of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and South East Asian cuisine. They have a lot going for them: they’re bite sized, nutrient dense, high energy, tasty, and one of the more fun foods to eat. Nothing beats dates as a proper tea time snack.

How to eat dates?

Typically, dates are consumed after they’re dried out, but you can also eat them fresh. It’s really up to your personal preference as they maintain their health benefits in either form. The only thing to be wary of when eating dates is the pit in the center. It is small and can be a choking hazard. It is also near impossible to break, so make sure not to bite down on it. Either peal the date or eat around the pit. Y

Easy and interesting dates recipes

Dates are fantastic and versatile fruits that have a long culinary history. You can eat them raw or you can incorporate them into other dishes and have the best of both worlds. Dates are great for making desserts, salads, or fun sweet tasting meat dishes. Below is just a small sampling of what you can do with dates.

Date Cheesecake

Cheesecake is one of the most delectable foods on this green earth. The only problem is its not very healthy for you. It isn’t healthy unless you make it with dates, a natural sweetener that has its own wonderful health properties.

Dates Kheer

Dates kheer is great for your health and your stomach. Kheer is a type of sweet rice pudding that originates from India. This date version is a bit sweeter than normal, but just as wholesome and good for your health.

Date Shake

This is a shake or smoothie that has the taste of dates. Dates are naturally very sweet, so there’s no need to add any refined sugar to this. Just blend it and its ready to go.

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