6 Best Fruits for Weight Watchers

Weight watchers should focus on their diet and exercise well. It is important to take a balanced diet and not let the calories consumed increase those burned. While fruits are a refreshing delight that can be had at any time of the day, they are also ideal for weight watchers since they are packed with minerals and vitamins while adding only a few calories to your daily intake. The following are some delicious fruits that are ideal for weight watchers.

1. Watermelons

These have extremely high-water content and are considered a high-volume food that will make you feel full while only adding a few calories. In fact, 100 g of the fruit only has 7.55 g carbohydrates! These fruits are also extremely rich in vitamin A. Pour some chilled water melon juice in an insulated tumbler and enjoy refreshing and healthy juice!

2. Peaches

These make wonderful low-carb snacks and blend well with other ingredients to make tasty salads. You can even relish peaches with cottage cheese or make a smoothie.


These are extremely popular among weight watchers and for a very good reason. Strawberries have a very low-calorie count and pack in lots of vitamin C and potassium.


100 g of avocados will only add 8.64 g carbohydrates to your diet. They have a lot of monounsaturated fats that are great for the health of the heart.

5. Muskmelons

These are low in carbohydrates and can be relished in a number of ways all of which are equally delicious: you can make a smoothie or simply eat them raw. 100 g of the fruit packs in only about 8 g of carbohydrates.

6. Blackberries

They make perfect additions to jams and desserts but that doesn’t mean you can’t relish them all by themselves. They have an extremely low-calorie count and are ideal for weight watchers.

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