5 Nuts That Make Your Skin Glow Naturally


Nuts are the crunchy treats we all love to eat. They’re great sources of protein for vegetarians and vegans and are just delicious on their own. They are also packed with essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, copper, and essential fats. All of these compounds are necessary to give your skin that healthy glow and suppleness that is so prized. If you aren’t sure what nuts suit your tastes, fear not; below are several different nuts which each have their own powerful health benefits.


Walnuts are one of the most popular nuts out there. They’re great for making a dish more interesting – especially salads. They also have everything you need to keep your skin nice and healthy. Walnuts are a natural anti-inflammatory, so they can help to reduce puffiness on your skin. They also possess omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B which work together to remove signs of aging.


We love almonds because they are savory little treats that make great deserts and snacks. We also love them because they are packed with protein, fiber, fatty acids, and vitamin E. This keeps your blood circulation working optimally which leads to your skin staying properly hydrated. Hydration and blood flow are the keys to glowing and healthy skin.


Cashews are made to improve your skin. They are filled with selenium which is an antioxidant and vitamin E. These nutrients work to reduce inflammation and keep your skin hydrated. Cashews also have significant quantities of zinc which helps to boost the immune system and improves your skin cell’s ability to grow and heal.


Pistachios are primarily used for weight control, especially because they help with heart health and promote good cholesterol. The pistas in pistachios also have antioxidants that help reduce acne by regulating blood sugar levels. The more you can reduce acne the more you will see your skin demonstrate a healthy glow.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are filled with powerful omega-3 fatty acids and contain a large amount of selenium. These two compounds not only help to alleviate inflammation and reduce the amount of acne and pimples, but they also improve your skin’s elasticity. Sin eleasticity is important for keeping your skin supple and smooth.

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