11 Healthy Potassium-Rich Foods You Should Be Eating

potassium rich foods

Potassium is a very necessary nutrient that you have to include in your diet on a daily basis. It works in tandem with sodium to maintain your body’s water intake at appropriate levels. If you find yourself getting dehydrated regularly it may be due to not having enough potassium in your diet. Most people think of bananas when it comes to potassium, but there are lots of foods that are rich in potassium. Keep reading to learn which foods have the highest potassium content.

1. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes have been growing in popularity as of late – sweet potato fries are everywhere. Their popularity is mostly due to their amazing nutrition profile, which contains lots of vitamins and essential nutrients, including potassium. They’re a great alternative to potato-based dishes as they also contain a sizable amount of protein.

2. Coconut Water

Coconut water is another new type of food that has been becoming more popular lately. It is seen as a great alternative to certain thirst-quenching drinks like Gatorade. This is mostly due to the fact that coconut water contains prodigious amounts of potassium, the necessary ingredient to retain water.

3. Watermelon

water melon

Watermelon is well known for its high-water content; it has the highest water content amongst all fruits. Eating just an 1/8 of an average watermelon will grant you 650 mg of potassium which is about 18% of the potassium RDI.

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4. Avocados


Avocados are amazing fruits, that everyone should consider including in their diet, regardless if they’re a millennial or not. They are filled to the point of bursting with healthy fats, folate, and vitamin K. half of an avocado, about 100 grams worth, has around 487 mg of potassium. Eating an entire avocado will give you about 20% of the RDI for potassium.

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5. Black Beans

Black beans are another great source of potassium. Some would say they are a better source than others because they are so versatile, and you can include them in your diet easily. A single cup of black beans has 611 mg of potassium. The only thing is that black beans, also contain phytates which reduce your body’s ability to absorb minerals. You may not be able to completely meet your potassium RDI just by eating black beans.

6. Tomato Paste

tomato puree

Tomato Paste is really just rushed and cooked tomatoes. It’s used on pasta and all type of dishes as the basis for a sauce. It has all the benefits found in tomatoes, including lycopene, and vitamin C. It also contains lots of potassium. Just three tablespoons or half a bowl of spaghetti will provide you with 486 mg of potassium.

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7. Dried Apricots

Dried apricots are made by dehydrating fresh apricots. People do this to preserve them for longer periods of time. It is very easy to eat a large amount of these and gain a lot of potassium in the process. Eating six dried apricots grants you 488 mg of potassium.

8. Potatoes


Potatoes may be losing out to the sweet potato due to its lack of starchiness, but it is still a staple food in many places around the world. Some studies have designated the potato the best source of potassium. A small baked potato is believed to contain close to 738 mg of potassium.

9. Beets


Beetroot sits firmly in the category of miracle vegetable. It has a high amount of protein for a vegetable, and contains nitrates which support blood vessel functionality. Eating just 1 cup of beetroot will provide your body with 518 mg of potassium.

10. Swiss Chard

Some people are not fans of Swiss chard, which is a shame, as this leafy green vegetable is packed with vital nutrients, especially potassium. Eating just 1 cup of Swiss chard will grant you 96` mg of potassium.

11. Pomegranate


Pomegranates are those shiny red fruits with lots of edible seeds that only come out during the Winter season. Eating a single pomegranate will grant you 666 mg of potassium. If you’re a pomegranate friend, you can reach your potassium RDI very quickly.

There are many other potassium rich foods that are not included on this list. Many of the foods mentioned here have more than double the amount of potassium found in a banana. Make sure to diversify your diet and not eat the same food everyday so that you get a wide variety of nutrients.

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