People who want to shift to eating clean and healthy will find the line of Vaya premium lunchboxes a dream come true! With Vaya Tyffyn, you get the best of both the worlds – Carrying what you cook every day, in the most sophisticated and organized lunch boxes possible!

With partitions coming in handy, you can compartmentalize your lunch box when you are in a generous mood to carry more. Vaya’s 2 container Tyffyn is a tiffin box perfect for kids, 3 container lunchboxes are perfect for work and the 4 container sets work great when you are travelling with family or on a picnic with friends.

While it is not advisable to store the shell in a refrigerator, food stored in containers can be refrigerated. Cold cut meats and salads are best served cold. Once these items are refrigerated long enough, they can be packed in a Tyffyn and had on the go.

The insulated lunch box also retains the warmth and freshness of cooked meal for up to 6 hours. It is perfect for dal chawal, pulao and other dishes which taste best when they are warm.

With that being covered, let’s talk about aesthetics.

1. Sleek Look

I have a Vaya 1000ml and Vaya 600ml both. The first thing you notice about them is how sleek they look. The shape of the tiffin box is oval and looks clean-cut. Oval shaped insulated lunchboxes are not common, this gives Tyffyn an edge over other lunchboxes!

2. Beautiful Latches and Handle

The locking mechanism of a Vaya Tyffyn is pretty sturdy which prevents accidental spills as well. Tyffyn also comes with a collapsible handle for easy use.

3. BagMat – Smart and Trendy Shoulder Bag

This tends to be an immediate ice-breaker at work lunches. BagMat is actually a conversation starter. The smart shoulder bag easily transforms into a table mat. And, it is easy to clean as well. Amazing, right? This makes carrying lunch a hassle-free experience.

4. Vaya Tyffyn – Style Statement

Vaya Tyffyn has a whole range of colors and patterns that suit all the moods. Just like the Swiss watches and glares, this tiffin box has become a style accessory. The bold colours are perfect for work lunches, with a corporate look and feel. The fun prints and patterns are tailor-made for your adventures and picnics!

5. State-of-the-art technology

With a smart technology called VacuTherm insulation, the stainless steel lunchbox manages to keep food warm for up to 6 hours.

6. Vaya Cares About the Planet too!

Speaking about the environment, it is important to make sustainable choices and going plastic free is one of them. Made of BPA-free materials in eco-friendly designs, the lunchboxes are perfect for taking that small step towards saving the planet!

In a nutshell, we as a family are switching to a healthier lifestyle that too in style. For with Vaya, there is a stunning lunchbox each for the young adults and the adults in the family!