To look at an empty tiffin box after a child gets back home is a dream for parents. To make this dream come true, an attractive tiffin box that retains the warmth of cooked food is as important as the healthy and delicious meal you pack in it.

While the 600 ml Vaya lunchbox is perfect for younger kids, the 1000ml lunchbox is perfectly sized for young adults’ appetites. Tyffyn also comes with partitions to help pack a nutritious meal and include variety as well. What’s more? Vaya lunch boxes are all insulated and keep food warm for up to 6 hours! Plus, they come in beautiful designs, perfect for kids, young adults and young-at-heart adults.

The nutritional requirements of kids are higher than an average adult. This is because children these days need the extra energy to lug their bags around, learn complicated subjects and keep up with a competitive environment at school.

Instead of giving into dubious claims of health drinks to boost children’s physical and mental health, it is now time to turn to age-old wisdom that advocates including fresh fruit, whole grains, and fiber-rich food in everyday diet. There is no equal to home cooked food made of fresh, wholesome ingredients and most importantly love.

There is no point in preparing tasty and healthy meals and dumping them into plastic boxes. Plastic lunch boxes are not safe, they leach chemicals into everything they come in contact with. Glass lunch boxes are bulky and could be a hassle for kids to handle. On the contrary, traditional stainless steel lunch boxes help retain the freshness of food carried. Vaya Tyffyn is made of stainless steel and BPA-free materials, and perfectly safe for kids. Additionally, it’s insulated and keeps every meal fresh and warm too.

Unlike traditional steel lunchboxes that leak, Vaya containers could easily be slipped into the shell and the latches could be secured to avoid leaks and spills. In simple words, it is easy for the parent to pack, and easier for the kids to handle!

Vaya BagMat, as the name suggests is a shoulder bag that transforms into a mat when needed. It can be ordered along with a Vaya tiffin box. Another advantage of Tyffyn is how easy it is to clean, even the BagMat can be cleaned well after use.

With attractive colours and striking patterns, these child-safe lunchboxes are great both for growing kids and adults alike!