The key to nailing workday lunches is not limited to cooking healthy, balanced and delicious meals, but stretches to ensuring it is packed well in a smart lunchbox. All you have to do to bring your lunch down a few notches is to carry it in a boring plastic tiffin box where your lunches turn cold and taste entirely different, unlike how it had tasted that very morning! Good lunches make you incredibly happy and your days more productive, and that’s why you need to ponder on a few points and choose the best tiffin box, one that is as inviting as the lunch cooked and one that will befit your personality and style!           .

Look for the Perfect Size

Choose a size keeping your work hours in mind, and the amount of food you would like to carry every day. If you frequently travel, as a work routine or with your family, a bigger lunch box, with containers that you can compartmentalize will be your best bet.

Choose an Insulated Lunch Box

While you are at it, choose a lunchbox that is insulated so you don’t have to be dependent on microwave oven or fridge for your hot and cold lunches. Parathas, dal chawal and chole do taste better when they are warm, and this could potentially be one factor that will drive you to carry an insulated lunchbox to work!


Invest in a lunchbox that is durable and will last through every day use, and wear-and-tear. When you buy plastic dabbas, you might have to sacrifice a few to hot dishes. Also, you always have to wonder if there is ever a safe plastic you can use. The plastic tiffin boxes also fade out in color and brightness with passing time, looking like you didn’t care for them enough! Glass lunch boxes work well, but you need to be careful while you use, carry and clean them. Stainless steel lunch boxes are perfect for every day use as they are easy to handle and clean and are durable as well.

Convenient to Use

Your make-or-break condition for choosing a lunch box should be how convenient it is for everyday use. Look for tiffin boxes that can be easily compartmentalized so not bulky, and boxes that are leak resistant, easy to clean and carry!

Look for a Lunch box that will suit your style best

When you are choosing a lunch box, it is important to choose one that lights up a smile on your face! Look for an attractive lunch box you would be happy carrying around with you, to work, on your adventures, travel and for your picnics as well! When your lunch box piques the curiosity in you to take the plunge and go for all that’s packed inside, you know you have chosen well.

It takes a dozen ingredients and loads of love to cook a delicious meal. And every such meal deserves a lunch box that is as interesting as the food cooked! With a smart technology wrapping in the warmth and freshness of food and drool-worthy designs as pleasing as the food you carry,Vaya lunch boxes are perfect with an intrinsic balance of style, utility and sophistication.

Choosing a Lunch Box for Kids?

Kids are not hard to please, you just have to come up with better ideas for their lunch and lunch boxes both. An attractive lunch box is key to make them look forward to eating their meal every day at school. When you are choosing your kids lunch box, you have to keep in mind, the quality of containers, the quantity you can pack, and more importantly, if the lunch box will interest your child in one way or other to eat what is inside!

Vaya range of Kids lunch boxes are designed keeping in mind the growing appetite of young eaters. They can be compartmentalized with partitions so you can pack a complete meal, snacks and even goodies. Made of stainless-steel and BPA-free materials, these child-safe lunch boxes also come with attractive shells, each designed to bring sheer joy to every kid out there!