Maintaining and managing health is non-negotiable, especially when the whole world has witnessed an ongoing pandemic. Keeping up good health is nothing short of building immunity. A good immunity will always ensure your body is prepared to ward off or handle any disease or illness with ease. On the other hand, when your body lacks good immunity, it will easily fall prey to diseases. While the pressures of life seldom allow any time to contribute towards health, there are small changes you can incorporate into your routine to improve your well-being. Here are few easy tips to manage health.

1. Begin the day with water

drinking water

A significant number of nutritionists believe that most people are chronically dehydrated. People are so busy consuming liquids like tea, coffee, or soda that they completely lose track of their water intake throughout the day! As trivial as water consumption sounds, it is not. The body is made of 60% water.

Not consuming enough in a day can lead to serious chronic diseases like kidney dysfunction and dehydration. It is advisable to drink at least 12-18 ounces or 2 liters of water per day. Start your day with 1 liter in the morning and drink another liter throughout the day as you go. Having a personal water bottle in your bag at all times is handy. It will act as a reminder. A water bottle on your desk is definitely a great idea too!

2. Early to bed, Early to rise

wake up

Childhood rhymes were no jokes. Certainly not this one. Early to bed and early to rise does make Jack a good boy, and you too! Waking up early in the morning allows you to have some time to yourself. You can also enjoy the quiet while having your coffee or teacup. If waking up early in the morning seems like a difficult task to you, try getting done with all your tasks, chores, and works by 10 pm and hit the sack by 10:30 pm. It might take some sleepless nights to get used to the routine, but you will get there.

3. Exercising is the Key


You might wonder how in the world you are going to fit in working out in your schedule, but it is almost as important as drinking water. Spending at least 30 mins of your day exercising can improve your health immensely. Other than being an excellent aid in weight loss, exercise will ensure good organ functioning in your body. You can also opt for zumba, dancing or even a sport alternatively.

4. Say Yes to Stainless Steel

water bottle

Stocking up on Stainless Steel products in your home and kitchen can prove to be quite useful as they are a much better option than most materials found in the market. They are chemically BPA-free and absolutely eco-friendly. Also, having a stainless steel water bottle near your desk or bed at all times makes it easy to get water and keep at your desired temperature.

5. A fiber-rich breakfast

fiber rich

Breakfast really does make all the difference to your day and health. The first meal of your day is breakfast, and besides being healthy, it needs to keep you feeling full till lunchtime. Always select something rich in nutrients and fibers. You can choose a cereal that has 10 grams of fiber at least. You can top it with some fruits like raspberries which contain fibers, and Greek yogurt as it contains 3 times more protein than ordinary yogurt. This recipe has fewer calories with a high amount of nutrients and will also make sure you don’t go snack-hunting by mid-morning. You can have a fruit juice rich in fiber and end it with eggs for a protein-rich breakfast.

6. Make sleep a priority


With careers, work, and family taking the front seat, people often forget to catch up on their sleep enough. Studies also say that 30% of men and 40% of women suffer from insomnia. When you don’t sleep for 7-9 hours every night, it directly affects your mental and physical health, while your work productivity takes a hit too. When the mind doesn’t get enough rest, everything in your life will sooner or later come tumbling down. To get a restful sleep of at least 8 hours, fix the time on your alarm and timetable and stick to it. Avoid caffeine or nicotine before bedtime. Also, make sure you stay away from phones, laptops, or TV an hour before bedtime. These small changes can go a long way in ensuring a much-needed restful sleep.

7. Morning Walks

morning walk

If you have ever been on a morning walk, you will relate to how refreshing it can feel to walk through the quietness and calm. The sun just begins to rise up, the birds can be heard chirping, there is a little morning dew in winters, and everything smells fresh and new. This can be both physically and mentally revitalizing. It can even enhance your productivity over time. You can also use it as alone time or self-care time and make it enjoyable and pleasant. If you are not a morning person, you can start by going to bed early. You can also slowly try waking up 10 minutes earlier than the previous day so that over time, you can easily wake up at your desired time.

8. Say no to Sedentary


It is easy to get stuck in front of the computer all day without moving because you don’t want to lose your flow of productivity. What no one realizes is that productivity comes from good health. Sitting in one place, stuck for long, can affect your muscles in the longer run. Even your eyesight can be damaged when you stare at the screen for long durations. Set the alarm for every hour or 90 minutes and get up from your table and move around. Utilize this time to eat a snack or drink coffee.

9. Stretch before bed

stretch before bed

Finding time to stretch or exercise might be a little challenging if you have a hectic schedule. Your sedentary work lifestyle might probably not give you enough chance to move throughout the day. The solution to this can be performing some stretches before bed. Stretching before sleeping can release all the stress from your body and help your mind relax. It also increases the chances of restful sleep and promotes better posture. Stretching for just 10-15 minutes every night is adequate.

10. Reducing Alcohol Intake

reducing alcohol

Alcohol can affect the liver and is extremely dehydrating. You can manage or reduce the effects of alcohol by setting a limit, eating before and while drinking, and only sticking to weekends. It is also important to keep yourself hydrated to avoid getting sick due to alcohol.


These tips are a great way to build your health and improve your lifestyle. Also, make sure you eat plenty of greens and keep yourself away from stress!