Tyffyn Product Questions

  • How long can food be warm in a Vaya tyffyn?

    Vaya tyffyn is designed to retain warmth of food for long duration, usually between 4 to 6 hours which is usually the duration between packing of food in the morning to regular lunchtime in the afternoon.

    The 600 ml Vaya tyffyn retains warmth of the food for 4 – 5 hours, while the 1000 ml Vaya tyffyn retains the warmth for 5 – 6 hours. On both the Tyffyn sizes, on an average, if the food is packed at 70 degree C, it will be around 45 degree C after 5 hours. If you pack the food hotter (boiling hot from the stove), the tyffyn performs better. The earlier you consume food, the better it is.

    The tyffyn is an interactive product – the better you treat it, the better it performs for you. Please check the below video to understand how to get the best heat retention from Vaya tyffyn


  • What is my tyffyn made of?

    All variants of Vaya tyffyn, along with the inner containers, is made of the highest food grade stainless steel, approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration). One variant of Vaya tyffyn containers have copper-finish coating on the outside, while another variant has elegant polished stainless steel. The lids are made of shatter-proof durable FDA-approved, BPA-Free plastic. All of Vaya tyffyn parts are made to be RoHS and SVHC (latest European standard) compliant.

  • Why Tyffyn and not another lunchbox?

    Tyffyn is the most advanced thermally insulated lunchbox in the world. It was designed using state of the art technology to make sure your food stays the way you like it, whether hot or cold, to prevent spills, and to fit easily in your bag. For more information, please click here.

  • Is your variant “Wool” really made of wool material, and “Maple” made of wood?

    No, the “Wool” variant and the “Maple” variant is made of food grade stainless steel material with “Wool” and “Maple” graphics printed on it.

  • What can I carry in my Tyffyn?

    Tyffyn was designed to keep your food hot or cold, depending on your needs. It was not designed to carry both hot and cold food at the same time.

    Tyffyn is especially well suited for moist, dense, hot food. Ideal for all curries, dhal, rice, roti, idli/dosa, biriyani, kebabs, tikkas, rasam rice, chowders, mashed potatoes, lasagna, gnocchi, baked pasta, minestrone, moule, tofu, rice, ratatouille, cream of vegetables, dumplings etc. 

    Tyffyn is also very suitable for cold food, such as salads, tofu, yogurt, ice cream, fruit, cheese, cold noodles, gazpacho, potato salad, rice salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, jello, sushi etc.

  • Is it OK to put my Tyffyn in the refrigerator or in a freezer?

    Cooling down the inner containers before placing food into them (especially ice cream) would help keeping your food cold longer. There is no need to cool down your Tyffyn’s outer shell. Placing it in the freezer could actually tamper with the vacuum insulated seal and damage your Tyffyn.

  • Can I put my Tyffyn in a microwave oven?

    Neither the Tyffyn outer shell, nor the inner containers are designed for use in a microwave oven. Placing them in a microwave oven could seriously damage both of them and the appliance.

  • Can I use my Tyffyn’s inner containers on a stove?

    Vaya tyffyn and inner containers are not designed for food preparation or cooking. Placing any of them in direct contact with fire or a heating element will result in permanent damage. For e.g., in steamers, cookers & woks.

  • Can I use my Tyffyn to keep food cold?

    Your Tyffyn’s vacuum insulated shell is equally efficient in keeping your food cold, as it is in keeping it hot. When food is stored with a starting temperature between 4 to 7 C straight from the fridge will typically be at the following when placed at room temperature of 21 C:

    • After 4 hrs – 10 to 12 C
    • After 6 hrs – 12 to 14 C
  • How do I clean my Tyffyn?

    We recommend hand-cleaning your Tyffyn with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Never soak the base and outer shell, nor place them under running water, these parts are not dishwasher-safe. The inner containers are instead dishwasher safe (up to 60C), or can also be washed by hand. Never scrub your Tyffyn or inner containers. Never use a solvent, or a cleaner containing chlorine, or water with heavy mineral content as this may ruin the finish of your Tyffyn.

  • How do I open my Tyffyn?

    Watch unboxing video here:

  • How do I store my Tyffyn?

    After cleaning your Tyffyn (see earlier FAQ), store it open in a dry cool place. Also keep the lids off the inner containers to prevent the formation of bacteria, mold or unpleasant odors.

  • Will my Tyffyn sweat?

    Condensation may form inside the inner shell due to the cooling of steam produced by the hot food. While removing the shell, be careful that condensation doesn’t accidentally drip on clothes or furniture. While you enjoy your meal, placing the shell upside down will prevent dripping while providing a safe, clean place to keep the lids of your inner containers.

  • What is the size and weight of my Tyffyn?

    Vaya Tyffyn 1000 ml weighs about 1 kg and the dimensions LxWxH are 16cm x 11.5cm x 17cm. Vaya Tyffyn 600 ml weighs about 800 gms and the dimensions LxWxH are 16cm x 11.5cm x 12.5cm

  • Can I take my Tyffyn on a plane?

    You can take your Tyffyn on an airplane, but security may ask you to inspect its contents before boarding. Restrictions to the type and volume of the contents may also apply.

Tyffyn Order/Delivery Questions

  • How do I order Tyffyn in bulk?

    For bulk orders, please contact partners@vaya.in.

  • Can I return my Tyffyn in case of problems or if I don’t like it?

    Refer to return policy section on our website

  • Where can I buy a Tyffyn?

    Vaya tyffyn can be purchased online through the Vaya website. It is also available through premium retail outlets across the country. In case you want to know about retail outlets in your city, selling Vaya tyffyn, please contact info@vaya.in.
    Also check our local stores – Store locator

  • Is the product available in general retail store?

    Yes. To know a list of retail outlets in your area, please drop us a line at customer.care@vaya.in.
    Also check our local stores – Store locator

  • Is the product available for shipping globally?

    Yes, please visit our global website – vayalife.com.

  • Can I get it customised?

    Yes, you can customise your Vaya tyffyn. Kindly choose the option “Put your Name on your Tyffyn” in the Shopping Cart page.

  • Do you have a gift wrapping option available for shipment?

    Of course we do! We’ll wrap your Vaya tyffyn with a whole lot of love and add your personal message to it, at a nominal charge of Rs.50 per gift wrap. The prices, of course, are subject to change from time to time. Simply add products to the cart and go to the shopping page to gift-wrap an order.

  • I completed my order online. How long do I wait to get the product delivered to me?

    It takes around 5 to 7 working days dependent on location. Note this is for orders only.
    For pre orders, you will receive an email from us when your order is ready to be processed.

  • I completed my order online. Can I come collect the product from Vaya office?

    Online orders placed on Vaya website, is usually shipped between 6 to 12 hours of order confirmation, and is scheduled to be delivered to the customer between 5 to 7 working days. Currently, we do not have provision for placing orders online and picking it up from our retail stores, and are working on adding this feature. For now, you can also visit the STC retail outlet, next to Vaya office, place a fresh order and collect your product immediately.

Drynk Product Questions

  • What is Drynk?

    Drynk is a drink-ware that lets you enjoy beverages of all kinds. It comes with a sipper lid, a gulper lid and two cups for sharing.

  • What is the Sipper lid for?

    The Sipper lid is designed for you to sip hot beverages of your choice. It comes with a magnetic latch that keeps the cap open and prevents it from falling on your nose.

  • What is the Gulper Lid for?

    The Gulper lid with its wide mouth is designed for you to guzzle down cold water, juices and your favourite beverages. It comes with two cups for sharing!

  • What materials go into making Drynk?

    Drynk is made of best-in-class materials for consumer food-ware. The plastic components are made with eco-friendly Bio-Copolyester that is known to have high chemical and stain resistance. It is also BPA free and FDA certified. The metallic component is made of food-grade stainless steel 304, which has corrosion resistance across standard food product usage conditions.

  • What are the available sizes?

    Drynk comes in two sizes – 600ml and 350ml.

  • Why Drynk and not any other vacuum bottle?

    Drynk is a one-of-its-kind tumbler that can be customised with multiple lids according to the user’s preferences.  Because of the wide mouth and gradually tapering design of Drynk, you can even carry items like payasam, sambar, smoothies, protein shakes and have an amazing drinking and a hassle-free cleaning experience.

  • How long can Drynk keep beverages hot/cold?

    You can enjoy your beverages for up to 12 hours in case of hot beverages and up to 18 hours in case of cold beverages*. The performance of Drynk significantly depends on the temperature of the beverage when first poured into it. The below graphs show the performance of Drynk over a 12-hour period.

    *Tested under laboratory conditions.

    Drynk-Cold Rentention Performance

    Drynk-Cold Rentention Performance

    Drynk-Heat Rentention Performance

    Drynk-Heat Rentention Performance

  • Is Drynk dishwasher safe?

    No. Drynk is not dishwasher safe.

  • How hot or cold can my beverage be?

    Drynk has been engineered to give best drinking experiences over common beverage consumption temperatures. Hence you can enjoy your hot beverages like coffee, tea etc. or cold beverages such as smoothies, cold coffee with equal comfort.
    Important Note:
    Care should be taken when using Drynk to carry boiling hot water. After filling the water up to the fill line, let the water cool a bit to let off the vapour and then put on the lid. Do not close Drynk immediately after filling.

  • How do I fill my Drynk?

    Unlock the lid from the metal body and fill the metal body with the beverage of your choice. Make sure to fill only up to the fill line. Keep the caps of the sipper or gulper lid open and lock the lid on the metal body. Close the cap after the lid has been properly locked onto the metal body. Do not lock the lid with caps closed.

  • How do I carry my Drynk?

    When using the gulper lid, do not hold Drynk by the cups; Always hold Drynk by the metal body.

  • How do I maximise my Drynk’s performance?

    The heat retention performance of Drynk during usage can be optimized by priming the product before use. Priming instructions are as follows:
    1. Fill the Drynk metal body with hot water.

    2. Let it sit for a few minutes

    3. Empty the metal body and fill it with the hot beverage you wish to carry.

    For cold beverages follow the above instructions with cold water instead of hot water.

  • How to clean Drynk and what washing tools can I use to clean it?

    Always rinse the metal body after use and rinse the lids under running water. Any mild dishwashing liquid can be used to clean the product. The external surface of the metal body must be washed only with a soft sponge; since usage of abrasive cleaning pads/scrubbers or steel-scrubs can damage the exterior paint finish.
    The inner surface on the metal body can be cleaned with a scrubber. Do not use steel scrubs as it can leave small steel pieces and contaminate the Drynk’s Stainless Steel surface.
    Ensure that the Drynk unit is completely dried after washing.

  • What if I drop the product?

    Drynk is designed to withstand bumps and nicks that occur due to everyday usage. Any drops from greater heights will impact the structural integrity of the product.

  • How much beverage can I fill in my Drynk?

    For a leak-resistance and safe experience, always fill Drynk only up to the fill line.

  • Is my Drynk BPA free?

    Yes. The materials used in Drynk are BPA free and food safe.

  • Can I store Drynk in the refrigerator?

    No. Storing Drynk in the refrigerator might damage the vacuum seal.

  • Can Drynk be put into a microwave oven?

    No. Drynk is not microwaveable.

  • I hear a noise when I shake the Drynk body. Is that okay?

    There is a layer of insulating foil in the vacuumed region for enhanced thermal performance. This might give a mild rattling noise in the metal body. This is not indicative of any fault with the unit and is normal.

  • Can I start using Drynk directly out-of-the box?

    No. When you first receive the product, wash the components thoroughly with warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, before usage.

  • Is it safe for my kids to handle Drynk?

    Since the contents of Drynk will be hot, they can be handled by pre-teens and adolescents provided they are careful.
    Drynk is not intended for use by toddlers and infants. Ensure that the product is kept out of the reach of toddlers and infants.

  • How hard do I have to tighten the lid for good leak resistance?

    A moderate level of tightening such that the seal is firmly held between the metal body and lid is adequate. Do not over tighten the lids. Make sure that Drynk is always used with the circular seals secured on the lids.


  • Can I place Drynk horizontally on the sides of the metal body?

    No. For optimal leak resistance, always place Drynk standing upright.

  • Can I take my Drynk on a plane?

    You can take your Drynk on an airplane, but security may ask you to inspect its contents before boarding. Restrictions to the type and volume of the contents may also apply.

  • Can I put my Drynk on a stove or heat it in boiling water?

    Drynk is not designed to be heated. Doing so will cause permanent damage to the product. Do not heat Drynk on the stove or in a wok, cooking vessel etc.

  • How do I store Drynk?

    After cleaning Drynk(please refer earlier FAQ),  store it open in a dry, cool place; to prevent unpleasant odors or the formation of bacteria and mold.