A good water bottle is one of the most important assets a person can obtain for the sake of their personal health. Yes, acquiring the right water bottle is that important. You may not see it now, but you will understand by the time you finish this article.

Importance of water when you travel

Before getting into the specifics of why a good water bottle is so important, let’s begin with why water is important. Just about everyone alive today, or at least everyone reading this, has heard of the importance of water.

You’re supposed to drink 8 to 12 oz glasses of water a day, because your body is about 60% composed of water. And your most important organs, like your lungs, heart, brain, and skin use the most water. A person cannot survive even three days without drinking water; it is without a doubt the most precious resource for humanity.

stainless steel water bottle

When you are travelling, finding clean sources of water can be more difficult than it sounds. There are many countries that cannot guarantee clean tap water. This means that sometimes the only safe source of water available is the water you bring with you. And that’s where picking the right water bottle comes in handy.

So, what makes for the right water bottle for travel? Well there are 3 factors that are most important:

  • It has to be made of BPA-free materials.
  • It has to be easy to carry around.
  • It needs to be insulated.

The reason you want BPA-free bottles is that the chemicals may bleed into water or beverages you carry. BPA, the plasticizer can be toxic, which will seep into your water and can be harmful. Water bottles made out of metal or glass do not have this issue. Stainless steel water bottles tend to be better than glass because they are more durable; you want to avoid having to repeatedly by the right bottle.

While you are on the road travelling, you need a bottle that you can easily lug along. It is important that you choose a bottle that is sized right and one that has an easy-to-hold and carry design!

insulated flask

The ability to keep your water insulated is equally important, because depending on your health needs, your water and other beverages may need to be stored at different temperatures. Not to mention, if the temperature is not to your liking, you are much less likely to drink it.

Now that you have a fair idea on the kind of water bottle that will work best while you are travelling, it is now time to get the right water bottle for you. Check out the drinkware range from Vaya. The insulated flask called Drynk is vibrant, handy, high on style and highly functional!