Looking to buy a gift for someone who has “wanderlust” written on their Instagram bio? Or for someone who just looks to take the perfect days off and spends a long weekend holiday traveling? Or for someone who spends most of his time traveling to and from work? Check out the suggestions below and pick the most suitable gift for your buddy today. 

Best Gifts for Your Friend

1. Bluetooth Earphones / Bluetooth Tracker

bluetooth tracker

Gone are the days when people would find their earphones strangled every time they had to use them or a small issue with the thin wire would ultimately kill the wired earphones. Wireless Bluetooth earphones can be the best gift for someone who is your gym buddy, or just for someone who enjoys listening to some music on the road (of course, when someone else is driving) 

A Bluetooth tracker of phone finder comes in handy to locate and track your valuables like keys, wallet, luggage and it also works well as selfie remote control for your pictures.

2. A Portable Charger or A Power Bank

power banks

How many times do you come across your friend who is always having the 14% battery mark blinking on their mobile devices? Surely, there’s always that one friend who desperately needs the charger all the time. Good quality power banks are up for grabs for your special buddy who always forgets to turn on the switch ‘on’ and charge their device when they have the time or just for someone who drains their battery by playing candy crush every time or for someone who avails the Netflix mobile plan. 

3. Insulated Water Bottles

water bottle

Pretty eco-friendly bottles and flasks keep you recharged by keeping the liquids inside fresh and just like the way you want it. It is genuinely one of the best gifts for all your buddies who enjoy a sip of coffee 20 times a day or for the friend who needs to have his morning-afternoon-mid-afternoon-evening-night tea (common string found: both of them are incredibly lazy when it comes to making that move when they are home but won’t think twice before paying $20 for the same coffee and tea regularly).

4. Smartwatch

smart watch

Smartwatches are now becoming the new-normal because they are trendy and at the same time are super convenient for people to use. Watches became redundant after the advent of smartphones, but the smartwatches have a few new and cooler things to offer than just tell you the time. Your smartwatch will help you with an invisible map in that tiny screen itself while you are moving, the smartwatches also come with a great feature called ‘find phone’ which basically helps your clumsy buddy to find his phone under the couch covered by pizza boxes and it also works as a fitness tracker by telling you the number of steps you have walked, calories burnt, heart rate, etc

5. Card Holder


This gift is specially designed for people who do not want to stuff all their debit/ credit cards in their wallets and would enjoy having something super aesthetic just to keep them. Cardholders now come in multiple designs and structures, some of them even come with a lock for safety while some of them come with a cute little minny mouse bow. The cardholders offer optimum space for all the cards and come in different sizes of 4 to even 30 and surely can be customized upon request.

6. Passport Cover

passport cover

Ever came across those beautiful blue leather covers with “adventure only begins now” engraved in gold and you just really want to go to a desert far away or just take that picture in front of the Eiffel Tower or Taj mahal just and just so that you can use the cover? Well, that is how pretty and convenient they are for people who keep on traveling, this is the best gift for your buddy who had already traveled to 12 countries when she was 15, so she is never stopping now. The passport covers come in multiple designs and there is always something for someone, starting from an ethnic design to a world map to a compass or maybe one of your favorite quotes. 

7. Polaroid Camera


This is for your friend who is always making memories and who wants to click everything in polaroids like it is the last time. All of us think that polaroid pictures and fairy lights in the room are a combination that can never go wrong. Or for someone who just wants to have enough photographs to add in a journal or maybe just for the sake of a flat lay for that ‘influencer’ buddy that you have. Polaroid cameras also come in the best prettiest and soothing colors of pink, mint green, and sea blue, and much more.

8. A Hamper Full of Ready to Eat Packs!

What can be a better gift than this for someone who is probably planning a camping trip or just for that colleague who has got up at 9 AM and has a 10 AM meeting in the office and has a habit of skipping his meal. A hamper which is full of crackers, chips, biscuits, and heat & eats products are the best thing for people who are always on the go. 

9. Wet Tissues


This is for that friend who always keeps a sanitizer (we all should) to rub her hands and wet tissues to get rid of the extra dirt because let us just accept it that pollution and climate change are on the tick list only now. Wet tissues really have the ability to make you glow and feel fresh in just a single wipe. Wet tissue is truly the best friend.

10. Travel Pillow


A travel pillow is another best friend for people who have to take flights often and love a few road trips every now and then. The travel pillow can take any shape and is just the right fit to support the head and the shoulders for people who have to sleep upright without getting bad shoulder pain, a stiff neck, or just a bad backache which will eventually lead to a headache.


This list of ideal gifts is curated specially for that friend who is always on the go and plans never to stop anytime soon! Go ahead and gift your friend that one perfect gift which will come handy during every trip!