Water is probably the single most important substance you can consume for your health on a regular basis. Your body needs water to do just about everything. Water keeps your organs functioning properly, keeps your skin smooth, your eyesight sharp, your mind fast, and the list could get never ending. Your body is about 80% water, so you can only imagine how not having enough water can affect you. An average human being cannot survive more than 3 days without drinking water.

But as important as water is for generally keeping you alive and functioning properly, it is also important for your mental health. Drinking water and staying hydrated actually plays a crucial role in regulating your mood. Drinking water has a major role in combatting depression and helping curtail the effect of sleep disorders. You’ve probably noticed this yourself to an extent. When you are dehydrated, you’re more susceptible to feeling irritable and moody. Part of the reason you feel this way is because your body is not able to function the way it’s supposed to. The dehydration factor leads to symptoms that make you cranky and moody like headaches, confusion, fatigue, sleepiness, etc.

Now, it’s not enough to know that drinking water helps to regulate your mood. You also need to know how to drink water properly. Yes, there is a proper way for everything, including drinking water. Don’t worry, it’s not hard, there are just a few guidelines that will make sure you’re getting the most from your water consumption.

Retaining Water

The first thing you have to realize when you’re drinking water is that your body is not guaranteed to retain it. There are two keys to retaining water in your body:

1) Drink electrolytes or have a diet rich in potassium and sodium.

2) Drink slowly.

Electrolytes help retain the water you drink and help your cells to absorb and trap the water in your body. You can buy electrolyte infused water, or just make sure you’re getting the right amount of potassium and sodium in your diet which will do the same thing.

Finally, it is important to take your time when you’re hydrating. If you chug everything down right away, your body will not be able to make use of it all before eliminating it. Taking sips of water works better than consuming a whole glass of water at a time. A water bottle at your side at all times will help you take sips of water all through the day. Invest in a Vaya insulated water bottle and you are all set for better-mood days!