There’s really nothing wilder and thrilling than monsoon season. The thunder and lightning, rain and winds, bring people face to face with nature and its most interesting temper. Just as the weather is powerful yet relaxing, so is the food. Monsoon season – like any other season – has its own set of amazing cuisine associated with it. It may not be entirely as thrilling as an amazingly intense thunderstorm, but it is just as amazing of an experience. When you know it is rainy reason, a smart move will be to invest in a set of insulated jars and drinkware. Choose well so your monsoon snacks and chai can be stored hot to be enjoyed in the later part of the day! There is nothing as fun as indulging in a steaming hot cup of chai and a snack when it’s pouring outside.

Keep on reading to learn about the best foods to eat to complement the quite interesting and varied weather of monsoon season.

Foods to eat during monsoon season

  1. Pav Bhaji
    Long rainy days and nights are the perfect setting for chowing down on something spicy like Pav Bhaji. It really is the perfect thing to warm you up when you come in out of the rain or to help you feel truly cozy when you’re sitting by the window watching the weather do its thing. Pav drenched in butter and the bhaji all soaked up in desi masala is what you need on a monsoon day, to make you better enjoy the romantic weather outside.
  2. Potato (Aloo) Tikki
    Potatoes always will and always have been associated with comfort food. It feels up your stomach (potatoes stick to your ribs) and warms you up from the inside, which is exactly what you want when you come in out of the storms.Potato tikki combines mashed potatoes with authentic Indian spices such as, ginger, channa dal, green chilies, cumin seeds, and garlic. If you are that person who loves potatoes in all forms, fries, bhaji or tikki, then monsoon is the best time for you to indulge in your potato cravings!
  3. Gujarati Masala Kachori
    This is a very popular vegetarian snack that is perfect for eating on the street between the downpours. There are a lot of variations and options to choose from when it comes to kachori. You can find a kachori to fit your taste no matter what. Serve your lovely kachoris with a side of your favorite chutney or sauce and you will love it.
  4. Chicken Pakora
    Pakoras are another amazing advancement in snacking technology. They are fun, crispy snacks that you can make as spicy as you want to. The besan batter is extremely flavorful, being made with spicy masalas and ginger-garlic paste.
  5. Sweet Corn Masala
    Corn is another great monsoon snack option that is very easy to make. You can have this meal ready to go in a matter of minutes. All you really need is corn and some spices, and you will be able to sit back and watch the rains pour down. The best part is how you can make this sweet corn masala and store it in an insulated jar to have it later, it stores well and tastes just as good as freshly prepared!

It’s just not kids who love snacking in between their meals, and when it is raining, it is simply difficult to not indulge in hot and spicy snacks that lift up your spirits. When you have snacks like chicken pakora or pav bhaji, you won’t even mind missing a meal later, that’s how delicious and filling these snacks could be! Go on, indulge in the country’s top favorite snacks this monsoon, make the most out of it!