For most parents, their happiness is entirely dependent on how much happier their kids are. Interestingly, it is not difficult to keep kids happy and cheerful. There are a few factors that significantly alter the mood of children. Well-fed and well-hydrated kids are the happiest kids. When they are happy, they automatically become their active self! Here is why keeping them hydrated well is important –

  1. Water, apart from regulating body temperature, also helps in eliminating wastes from the body. It improves metabolism and helps in maintaining good skin health. In a nutshell, water and fluid consumption in right amount means a healthy child!
  2. Hydrated kids have better concentration and are less restless. Be it in the class room or in their nursery sprinting past milestones, children need to concentrate. Their curiosity and eagerness to learn are significantly dependent on how well hydrated they are! Make sure you pack a juice or a beverage of their choice to school when you pack their snacks!
  3. Hydration helps relax the muscles and improves sleep quality. Hydrated kids tend to sleep better. When kids sleep well, they are in better moods devoid of crankiness.

While it is important to keep kids hydrated at all times, the need for hydration significantly increases when it is summer. It is only natural that kids want to get out more and play in summer. Hence it is important that parents invest time in a routine to help keep kids well hydrated. Apart from water, juices, and other beverages will be perfect to complement the hydration requirement in active kids. Pick a kid’s water bottle that is handy, one that your child likes to carry, and insisting in taking a few sips even when the child is not particularly thirsty. While you are at it, make sure you are choosing a BPA-free bottle that is straw less and convenient for the child to hold and drink on their own!